1. Boy and his Chokudu, eastern Congo


  2. Daily Prayer #12 - Wed/Thursday

    Agenda:  Lead TPOTP Seminar, Goma DRC

    Agenda:  Travel Home

    Focus:  Thanksgiving

    Scripture:  Philippians 1:3-6

    Our team is so thankful for your heartfelt prayers

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  3. Child, eastern Congo


  4. Daily Prayer #11 - Wednesday

    Agenda:  Lead TPOTP Seminar, Goma DRC

    Focus:  Witness:  Uncommon Unity

    Scripture:  Acts 2:1-4, Ephesians 4:22-24

    To be a witness of uncommon unity, God has poured out

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  5. Women in queue for food, seed, and tools distribution


  6. Daily Prayer #10 - Tuesday

    Agenda:  Lead TPOTP Seminar, Goma DRC

    Focus:  Worship that Transforms

    Scripture:  Isaiah 6:1-9

    In worship, Isaiah is encountered by God and sees

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  7. Virunga National Park, eastern Congo


  8. Daily Prayer #9 - Monday

    Agenda:  Lead TPOTP Seminar, Goma DRC

    Focus:  Pray:  Groaning over Goma

    Scripture: Romans 8:22-27; Matthew 6:10

    Prophetic prayer begins with God groaning inside us.  Deep in our spirit

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  9. Man with gun, eastern Congo


  10. Daily Prayer #8 - Sunday

    Agenda:  Preaching at local Churches

    Focus:  Renew:  Power for the Powerless

    Scripture:  Isaiah 40:27-31

    There is a source of renewed strength that can

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  11. World Relief’s Marcel Serubungo leading eastern Congo food distribution


  12. Daily Prayer #7 - Saturday

    Agenda:  Lead TPOTP Seminar, Goma DRC

    Focus:  See:  The Shepherd God

    Scripture:  Isaiah 40:11, Ps 23:1-4

    Isaiah calls forth the image of God as a shepherd to people in great need and danger.  The shepherd is

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  14. Daily Prayer #6 - Friday

    AGENDA:  Travel to Goma, DRC

    FOCUS:  See—a Greater-Than God.

    SCRIPTURE:  Isaiah 40:9-10, 12-26

    Earlier in Isaiah 6, the prophet “sees” God, high and exalted.  He saw a

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